Xtra Protect


XtraProtect is a multipurpose cleaner and sanitiser. When you clean with XtraProtect, not only does it give great cleaning results at the time of application, but it also carries on protecting that surface for up to 8 days. When applied, XtraProtect leaves a microbial layer on the surface which continues to kill germs and bacteria without having to re-apply killing such nasties as e-coli, MRSA and C Diff, biofilm . A great product for clinical, medical, catering or educational environments. XtraProtect uses a physical kill (and a microbial which doesn’t have to be in solution) rather than a chemical kill therefore a dry surface is still protected with this product. With a chemical kill the product needs to be in solution and needs time to kill the bacteria, as time goes on the chemical evaporates (5-6 minutes).

For MSDS info please contact sales@aqua-air.co.uk