Xtra Cloths


Xtra Fibre Pro

Our XtraFibre Pro is a microfiber cloth like no other. The fibre in cloth is spun many times smaller than a human hair meaning the fibres can penetrate crack that normal cloths cannot, killing germs (in conjunction with XtraProtect) in extremely hard to reach places. Surface Crack(s) feel rough on skin because the fibres are penetrating the fine pours in your skin demonstrating how penetrative they are. The fibres generate a static charge that attracts dust and dirt meaning dust is trapped rather than spread around. With a huge surface area XtraFibre Pro is also more absorbent than most other cloths meaning you can hold more liquid while cleaning or mopping up.

Xtra Web Pro

A non-absorbent agitator, the XtraWeb Pro cloth is an excellent cleaning tool. We developed this cloth after witnessing damage caused to surfaces by scer type cleaning pads. Due to their abrasive nature, other scourers not only removed dirt, but also the surface. An XtraWeb Pro allows you to agitate the dirt while protecting y surface.

For MSDS info please contact sales@aqua-air.co.uk